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Project Overview

The Medical Information Technology industry is growing rapidly. The market for Pain Management Clinical Compliance Services is not defined because of lack of tested creative solutions.  Approximately 300 million pain prescriptions were written in 2015 for approximately 24 billion in annual pain medication prescriptions sales.  Depending on the location and the number of medical staff personal its estimated 7% to 15% of patients practice some sort of deception in communication with the prescribing doctor or mid-level. Not all deceptive patients are manipulating the system to procure additional opioids for nefarious purposes.  Some patients feel if they are honest with the prescribing doctors they may be adversely affected.  It doesn’t change the fact some patients intentionally manipulate the system to procure opioids to abuse pain medication, escape reality, sell their pain meds, ignore doctor’s instructions, cheat on their urine samples, lie, mislead, omit medical facts, practice deception and do everything in their power to continue receiving their opioid medication.

It’s our intention to devise multiple overlapping, layered manual/automated systems to minimize patients who intentionally manipulate the system to procure pain medication.  Our services will offer the Pain Management Clinic manual/automated solutions including (iOS/Android/Windows) apps to effectively achieve this goal.

If the patient is not fully adhering to his medical provider / patient pain contract and unintentionally not following their contractual commitments, we intend to remedy the noncompliance via education and formal communication.  If the patient fails to learn from the compliance education opportunity, the patient may be immediately dismissed from the pain management practice.